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Crashkurs Notfallmedizin für Kenntnisstandsprüfung

Im Rahmen des Vorbereitungskurses für die Kenntnisstandsprüfung für Nicht-EU-Ausländer habe ich einen Crashkurs Notfallmedizin an der Charité International Academy abgehalten und stelle die Dias online.

Notfallmedizin Crashkurs CPR + COAT

Notfallmedizin Crashkurs Klinik

Crashkurs Strahenschutz

viel Spaß beim Lesen und viel Erfolg bei der Kenntnisstandsprüfung!

Thenar eminence grip for bag ventilation


Greg Lemonde won 1989 Tour de France after introducing aerodynamic handlebars as a new technic to traditional cycling. Like these handlebars, which were used in Triathlon before, the thenar eminence grip for better bag ventilation introduced by emergency physicians will revolutionary change the approach to BMV in anesthesia and emergency Medicine.

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Comments on: The Vortex – management of the unexpected difficult airway

airway management set free of algorithm and yes / no decision. a new approach to oxygenation and avoiding hypoxemia. has to be proven in reality – but sets free the mind. i like it…

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nice blog, dude :)

See you at berlin!

travel and emergency medicine

Yes, you are able to combine, look at:

I’ll be there!